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Thanks to its natural material, each wooden supla is unique. These customizable suplas, which harmonize with modern and minimalist interiors, will add an elegant touch to your table setting. Crafted with meticulous handiwork, each wooden supla brings a natural elegance to your table decoration.
The suplas we produce from the birch tree combine bohem and aesthetics, enriching your dining tables visually and contributing to a natural and sustainable lifestyle. Each of our products is designed with carefully selected materials and designs to bring warmth and uniqueness to your home.

Unique Product Sets with 4 Colors Crafted from Birch Wood

Our products, which bring the beauty and elegance of nature into your homes, are designed using natural material obtained from birch wood. Offered in wenge, walnut, honey, and rose color options, these product sets will add warmth and sophistication to your indoor spaces.

Among the color choices, you will find shades suitable for every taste. Wenge with its deep brown tone, walnut with its classic medium-dark coffee shade, honey with its warm yellowish hue, and rose with its romantic pinkish hue. These colors provide ideal options to create various atmospheres in your spaces.

The options of 4 and 6-piece sets cater to a range of needs. In the 4-piece set, there are options for a mix of four colors or a single color, while the 6-piece set offers even more combinations. You can use them decoratively in spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or kitchens, and also add an elegant touch to your dining table presentations.

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Honey, Walnut, Wenge, Rose


4 Pcs, 6 Pcs


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