Payna Design

In 2020, we started incorporating wooden art inspired by nature into our designs, aiming to bring the freshness of nature into every moment of your life with the organic texture of our products. Our products are designed to offer both modern and bohemian styles simultaneously, capable of delighting you and your surroundings with the essence of nature on special occasions.

We prioritize 100% natural materials in the raw materials of our products, using paints with EN71-3 code and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In addition to wood, we also produce products with synthetic leather and plexiglass materials. The patterns of our products are inspired by the symbols of legendary gods found in Celtic mythology, with dimensions of 33×45 cm, 36×36 cm, and 10×10 cm. Product specifications (Plate Mark): Birch Plywood, 5.4mm Thickness, Knotta Natural Look.

At PAYNA, we can create beautiful products not only with our own designs but also with your designs. You can personalize our products with your company logo, desired pattern, and dimensions that reflect you, which you can send to us via the contact phone and email. Each product made in our company will be delivered to you with special packaging and packaging standards tailored to you.